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Documents related to » using linux as a server

Advanced Front Office Lean with Business Modeler Software
When part of an enterprise software environment, business modeler software can reduce training costs, prevent errors, and minimize non-value added work. And if properly integrated, it can be both a tool for senior management and for hands-on system users.

USING LINUX AS A SERVER: office process, but by using it to automate processes it can—in and of itself—eliminate non-value added steps. Hidden waste There is a hidden waste that many executives do not discuss or may not even know about. This is the waste that comes from a lack of clarity of what the company s current business processes are, or from poorly—defined or inadequately documented processes. In a front office environment, people in administrative and managerial roles may ask each other, their managers, or even the

The Promise (and Complexities) of Private Labels
Recent studies have shown that retail winners (that is, companies that outperform their peers in year-over-year, comparable store sales) carry a significantly higher percentage of private label merchandise than their competitors do.

USING LINUX AS A SERVER: through the CTO solution using an integrated retail and supply chain planning (SCP) process. Retailers can use i2 CTO to become more customer-centric by making assortment decisions (this is, reacting to fashion trends) closer to the selling season and keeping their private label products in tune with the latest global fashion trends. The idea is to reduce the risk in selection of style and quantity of purchase as well as to reduce inventory, distribution, and handling cost risks through cycle time

QAD: A Software Vendor That Has Survived (if Not Thrived) in the ERP Market
QAD, a renowned provider of enterprise software solutions for midsized global manufacturers, has outlived many of its contemporaries by maintaining its stronghold in the discrete and process manufacturing sectors. In doing so, the vendor has reached a respected, veteran status.

USING LINUX AS A SERVER: business (SMB) manufacturers. After focusing for nearly 30 years on the manufacturing industry, and having approximately 5,800 licensed software sites in more than 90 countries around the world (in as many as 27 languages), QAD is well qualified to meet the business and technology requirements of global manufacturing companies worldwide. Further, since its inception, QAD s applications have focused on and have been optimized for six select manufacturing industry segments: automotive, consumer products,

Zooming into the Clothing Retailer Conundrum
If retailers in the vertical market of fashion apparel do not constantly refresh their presentation and assortment for consumers, they run the risk of being overtaken by their competition, regardless of how competitively they source and deliver.

USING LINUX AS A SERVER: retailing, retail segment, global sourcing, enterprise resource planning, ERP, retail management systems, fashion apparel retailers, garment retail, vertical market, European retailers, supply chain, information technology, IT, initial markup unit, IMU, apparel industry, agility, Web-based software, trading partners, DC bypass, distribution center, DC, product lifecycle management, PLM, product design phase, line of business, LoB, landed cost, computer aided design, CAD, process manufacturers, n.

Tier 3 And Tier 4 ... Where Do You Go If You Don t Know, What You Don t Know.
If you are an executive in a Tier 3 or Tier 4 manufacturing company and you have wondered where to start, whom to call, what questions to ask, this article is for you.

USING LINUX AS A SERVER: to capture performance indicators using your ERP System? Want to know the difference between machine hours and cycle time? Why should you consider using a magnetic scheduling board before deploying your ERP system scheduling system. Can a well-defined RFP response be used as an attachment to your software license agreement? What sequence should your implementation be completed? Need a recommendation for bar coding software that meets automotive standards? Want to know what the proper ratio of setup

Two Stalwart Vendors Discuss Platform Approaches (Wars)
Infor and IFS, two upper mid-market, stalwart vendors, were the first to respond to our questions-and-answers series directed at software application vendors. Based on our questions, these two vendors share their views on market trends, platform approaches, and mid-market issues.

USING LINUX AS A SERVER: long-term corporate strategy. By using Infor Open SOA to service-enable current and future Infor solutions, we are creating the framework through which customers can deploy best-of-breed software components, regardless of technology platform, to more rapidly, easily, and cost-effectively meet their business-specific needs. We have taken the delivery of business-specific solutions to a new, higher level by developing solutions blueprints for each of the vertical industries we target. This will enable

IBM to Sell Aptiva Direct
IBM announced plans to stop selling its Aptiva line of PCs through retail outlets.

USING LINUX AS A SERVER: international business models, aptiva, aptiva 2137, aptiva 2137 e24, aptiva 2138, aptiva 2139, aptiva 2140, aptiva 2140 l31, aptiva 2142, aptiva 2144, aptiva 2153, aptiva 2153 e2u, aptiva 2153 e3n, aptiva 2153 e3u, aptiva 2156, aptiva 2158, aptiva 2159, aptiva 2161, aptiva 2162, aptiva 2163, aptiva 2163 580, aptiva 2168, aptiva 2170, aptiva 2170 245, aptiva 2170 driver, aptiva 2170 drivers, aptiva 2171, aptiva 2174, aptiva 2176, aptiva 2178, aptiva 2194, aptiva 2198, aptiva 2270, aptiva 530, aptiva amd k6, aptiva bios, aptiva bios update, aptiva car, aptiva computer, aptiva computers.

Linux at 25% of Server OS Market - Is Redmond Hearing Footsteps?
Linux has now grabbed 25% of the server operating system market share, passing Novell and knocking on Windows's door.

USING LINUX AS A SERVER: out but end up using only one. In addition, Linux users sometimes buy the server product but use it as a workstation. Nevertheless, the total revenue stream for Linux-based systems remains tiny compared with other server operating systems. IDC estimates worldwide Linux revenue, covering all clients and servers combined, at a mere $63 million for 1999. Looking forward, IDC still expects that Windows 2000, not Linux, will be the dominant server operating system by 2003. On the desktop, the Windows 9x line

Optimizing the Supply Chain and Increasing Customer Satisfaction: An Interview with Robert Abate of RCG Information Technology
Manufacturers must constantly address how to increase customer satisfaction, identify supply chain issues before they become problems, and lower production costs. In this podcast, Lyndsay Wise and Robert Abate discuss the benefits business intelligence provides to help address these topics.

USING LINUX AS A SERVER: business intelligence, BI, manufacturing industry, RCG Information Technology, BI solutions, supply chain, supply chain optimization, customer satisfaction, manufacturing process, business learning, management reporting, demand plan.

PowerTrieve, A LEAP For CRM?
Although CRM applications, Portals, and Contact Centers are contributing to the improvement of customer relationships and the effectiveness of employees; in many cases they remain convoluted to users whether they are customers or company employees. Will LEAP (Language Enabled Application Platform) products like the PowerTrieve solve the problem?

USING LINUX AS A SERVER: to alleviate those complexities using natural language recognition or LEAP (Language Enabled Application Platform). We met with one of them at the Microsoft Convergence Conference in March, 2003. Catalyst Evaluation Group , LLC from Irving, Texas and Leverance , Inc. from Bothell, WA were presenting the release of PowerTrieve , a data reporting tool that recognizes human language and responds instantly to verbal requests. Market Background Many CRM applications provide so many features and functions that

Radio Frequency Identification Implementation: The First Steps
Phase one of the four phase approach to a successful radio frequency identification implementation consists of several essential steps, including the careful selection of business partners and the development of a test environment and corrective label placement procedures.

USING LINUX AS A SERVER: products that are currently using RFID, and use these as a baseline or starting point for the testing. Similar products from another manufacturer that has succeeded in label positioning could save time—don t try to reinvent the wheel. Package design Positioning the tag may become an exercise in troubleshooting, as many packages are designed with a marketing and graphics approach, and a lack of space may prove to be an obstacle in placing the tag. In such cases, the addition of a smart label will be

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