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PRISM Users Get A Dedicated, Independent Web Community
Users of the Baan Process ERP product PRISM form a web-site community to provide an independent source of information and sharing of knowledge on one of the

users and groups  exist to help the users do their job and get even greater value from their investments. Included as content are: Discussion Groups : Community members can interact and share by participation in discussion groups on application questions, industry concerns, technical issues, and more. News : What's new in the PRISM Community? The site finds the news and presents it in one place. News includes changes or announcements from Baan Process, new technology options, user success stories and more. Ask the Experts Read More

Help Desk for the Health Care Industry
Help Desk is an application for assisting and managing calls for support from computer users. It also includes computer and software inventory tracking along with technical support knowledge bas...
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Documents related to » users and groups

Recommendations for Users of Acquired Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
The added value of both SSA Global and Infor is that existing users of relatively small and dubious ERP products should now gain the benefits of synergistic

users and groups  applications. As for existing users and those currently going through implementation projects, business as usual would be the best course of action. Most of the recently acquired products are valuable properties, and will probably be taken seriously by their new owners, at least for significant maintenance revenue (if not for ample cross-sell and up-sell opportunities within the existing install base and beyond). Effects on Customers of the Acquired Vendors To be more precise, the acquisition by Infor is Read More
ITIL v3: Supporting the Evolution of IT Effectiveness for Improved IT Operations
IT is often characterized as distinct groups pursuing individual agendas and launching disconnected initiatives to increase operational efficiencies. To

users and groups  library. In self-help fashion, users access this knowledge base and receive the best answers to relevant questions- making it unnecessary for you to re-invent the wheel every time a user encounters an obstacle. This knowledge helps maintain smoothly running services and can even be used to cut costs and increase efficiency and productivity through the automation of problem resolution. This plays a critical role in helping to put disparate IT groups on the same page, so that IT can act in a unified manner Read More
Engage AudienceNet Brings Users the Ads They Want To See
Engage has introduced a new product that delivers ads to users who are most likely to be receptive to them. AudienceNet relies on data collecting, proprietary

users and groups  planning to enable AudienceNet. Users should negotiate specific level of service clauses into any agreement; such clauses specify average and maximum turnaround times for serving ads and the required uptime for the AudienceNet ad servers. Naturally, methods of measuring these need to be determined as well. We also recommend that a clear method for measuring ROI be determined, so that the site can evaluate the value of AudienceNet. In order to do this, the site must determine how it will track the uses of Read More
Epicor Reaches Better Vista From This Vantage Point
By harnessing Microsoft .NET possibly more keenly than its creator and by figuring out its bread-winning product groups, amid difficult market conditions

users and groups  Vantage 6.0 supposedly provides users with a consistent look and feel across the enterprise and can be centrally managed as one application. Finally, Vantage 6.0's Multi-National Financials module includes many of the financial localizations required to deploy Vantage in most countries around the world, which encompasses the traditional Anglo-Saxon accounting methods as well as Napoleonic and the hybrid styles employed around the world. This multi-national framework also enables streamlined integration Read More
Embracing Complexity: A Speedy Business Performance Management Solution
Applix is a leading business intelligence and performance management vendor for Global 2000 mid-market organizations. For users considering implementing a

users and groups  dashboards and cubes help users analyze and answer defined business questions. This helps to drive potential opportunities (and to avoid risk), by identifying data patterns, collaborating with multiple task stakeholders, and creating business scenarios. Product Strengths TM1 has the ability to perform powerful what-if analyses against large data sets, faster than many competitors. Applix TM1's complex analytical queries are dealt with in memory through the use of a 64-bit processing platform and a Read More
UNIT4 to UK Public Sector ERP Users: Look at Us!
It is not surprising to hear that enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are not particularly beloved by their users. Indeed, companies are not exactly

users and groups  recent InformationWeek piece on users being frustrated with their ERP purchases  could have been just another article on that theme. But, what caught my eye here were the words “the UK” and “public sector.” Reportedly, more than 60 percent of IT decision makers in British local government feel their ERP investments haven't delivered, according to a recent poll. Given that UNIT4 is known for its solid track record in that market segment, I wanted to hear the vendor’s side of the story and its Read More
BuyDesign Configurator by TDCI Is a Choice for Infor ERP XA Users
The ability to configure manufacturing products on the fly according to certain customer needs is an essential element of any engineer-to-order, configure-to

users and groups  for Infor ERP XA Users The ability to configure manufacturing products on the fly according to certain customer needs is an essential element of any engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, manufacture-to-order, and assemble-to-order type of manufacturing. There is a class of software applications dedicated to performing the task of transforming customer technical product requirements into customized bills of material, and, sometimes, extending to the creation of sales and manufacturing orders. Such Read More
Targeted Trojans Fool Your Most Experienced Users
Discover how in Targeted Trojans: The Silent Danger of a Clever Malware.

users and groups  Fool Your Most Experienced Users Protecting your business means keeping it safe from malware. But targeted Trojans are extraordinarily difficult to detect and defend against. Disguised as trusted e-mails, targeted Trojans can fool your most experienced users—and cause your business real harm. But with some knowledge and the right tools, it is possible to protect yourself. Discover how in Targeted Trojans: The Silent Danger of a Clever Malware . You'll learn the methods cyber-criminals use to create Read More
A Kinder Unisys Makes Web Users Burn
Unisys has modified its policy on garnering license fees from the use of the .GIF image format.

users and groups  free licences to non-profit users and websites, and is only interested in license arrangements with large, profit-making sites. We're not after people doing Beanie Baby sites, said Unisys spokesperson Oliver Pitcher. Pitcher suggested that Unisys' attempts to collect fees will not slow down the use of the Web or the use of the GIF format. It is worth noting that there is a new graphics standard called PNG (and a closely related companion called MNG that handles animation and other multimedia effects) Read More
Deploy Tactical, Affordable, Scalable Analytics
Self-service solutions empower business users to drive decision making. IBM analytics solutions are easy to install, configure, manage, and secure, and they

users and groups  Self-service solutions empower business users to drive decision making. IBM analytics solutions are easy to install, configure, manage, and secure, and they scale to a broad set of users. Leaders have access to data across the business. These solutions deliver a unified experience across Web, mobile, and desktop, including solutions for reporting, analysis, predictive analytics, planning, forecasting, and regulatory reporting. Read More
E-business for ABAS ERP Users

users and groups  business for ABAS ERP Users Read More
The ERP Market 2001 And Beyond - Part 5: Recommendations
Winning ERP products will demonstrate deep industry functionality and tight integration with best-of-bread ‘bolt-on’ products in a particular vertical. Users

users and groups  Knowledge Based Selections ). Users should also be aware of consolidation in the ERP market, and corporate viability should play a prominent role in every selection process. Virtually all software selection teams appreciate the importance of product functionality and product technology requirements in making the right decision. Too often, however, these are the only criteria that play a role in the decision-making process. Other often overlooked factors can determine the eventual success or failure of a Read More
Ramco Systems' Users - Winning Big And Speaking Out In Las Vegas
Ramco's broad and deep product functionality and technology bundled with a reasonable price tag and short time-to-market should create a powerful value

users and groups  customers and over 70,000 users worldwide, and with more aggressive investments in people & marketing, and strategic partners in place, the company will have successfully transformed into nearly a one-stop-shop solutions provider with a potentially prosperous future. The company hinted of new and, as it claims, breakthrough technology and products. The vendor felt that its upcoming technology release will change the economics of application software. For now, the product strategy is in tune with Mr Read More

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