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SCM Buyer’s Guide 2012: Adapting to Challenging Times and Circumstances
TEC is coming up with four new buyer’s guides for 2012, and one slot is reserved for supply chain management (SCM) solutions. My main reason for pushing for

sound driver k7s5a  need to establish a sound level of connectivity across their growing network of global partners. I’ll talk about the tools that promote collaboration, and discuss how you can further enhance collaboration with guided communication via workflows. I’ll provide some examples to illustrate how some of these solutions will facilitate response time and prevent issues from escalating into full-blown crises. And lastly, I’ll discuss means of controlling choke points in the supply chain and some of the Read More
Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solutions (sometimes known as quote-to-order, or Q2O, systems) help drive sales effectiveness by supporting configuration and pricing activities and the generat...
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Documents related to » sound driver k7s5a

Supplier Parks - Back to the Future
As supply chains become increasingly integrated and synchronized, we are witnessing the evolution of the business/production models (in some industries) that

sound driver k7s5a  out the other end sound familiar? Figure 2 - Ford's Chicago Supplier Park But this is very different than the Rouge-style vertical integration of the past. 11 suppliers are co-located on one campus, forming a physically integrated plant, with different sections run by each different supplier 2 . Bodies stamped out by Tower Automotive and Sanderson Industries pass through a huge door to have suspension systems added by ZF-Lemforder, fuel tanks and instrument panels by Visteon, door parts by Brose, Read More
Red Hat Summit 2014: Open Source at the Forefront of IT
For Red Hat, the recent summit that took place in California was special in many instances. It marked the 10th anniversary of the Red Hat Summit and the

sound driver k7s5a  one of its most sound success cases, the recent summit that took place in California was special in many instances. It marked the 10 th anniversary of the Red Hat Summit and the celebration of a company that has for more than 20 years been a key contributor, consolidator, and promoter of open source technology in the enterprise, and is now a key player in the software and IT industry in general. In fact, perhaps some of what was announced in this summit can be seen as marking an important milestone with Read More
CRM: The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth(For A Change)
Finding out the true facts about what makes CRM tick and how fast it circles the ROI clock—if it indeed reaches ROI-has long frustrated potential CRM

sound driver k7s5a  played back together, they sound so cacophonous that they conjure up audible images of CRM running full speed across the business stage pulling a long string of tin cans behind it. For example, how can one software vendor enjoy a 99% implementation success rate and own dominant market share both, while only 30% of all implementations are successful? Pick any two, but not all three. Or how about two industry analyst firms releasing expert opinions on CRM success rates within one week of each other—one Read More
What's Really Driving Business Intelligence?
Typical explanations given for increased spending in business intelligence include, meeting government regulations, managing information overload, tracking

sound driver k7s5a  their million-dollar investments are sound? That kind of long-term thinking doesn't move markets in our quarterly-driven world. And finally, yes, businesses are being compelled to be more efficient and effective in order to compete, but that battle has been shaping up for decades among TQM, Six-Sigma, lean production methodologies—does anyone really believe the end of the rainbow is only a dashboard away? While, each of these market drivers is accurate, they're only symptoms of a much deeper drive—a Read More
IBM Cognos 8 Planning
IBM Cognos 8 Planning is a business performance management (BPM) finance-managed solution that provides real-time visibility into resource requirements and

sound driver k7s5a   Read More
EnabledSuccess Inc
EnabledSuccess is an award winning consulting firm. We have been providing IT Best Practice assessments for several years, focusing on back-office (accounting

sound driver k7s5a  business advisors, we provide sound, objective advice to help guide companies through today's shifting economic landscape. By specializing in assessing and streamlining business processes, EnabledSuccess helps companies achieve business goals. We deliver premium advisory service throughout the entire business solution lifecycle, from discovery through strategic deployment and beyond. Read More
Tableau Software 8.1 Is Now a TEC Certified Business Intelligence Application
The Seattle-based company and innovation driver Tableau has become part of TEC’s certified vendor community by recently achieving certification in the Business

sound driver k7s5a   Read More
Acronyms Can Simplify Your Life, or Drive You Insane
Acronyms seem really convenient, at first.It’s great using ERP instead of enterprise resource planning, for example.You save precious time (not typing

sound driver k7s5a  how cumbersome that may sound. So why do we use acronyms anyway? Well, they certainly can be tidy especially when it’s clear what you mean. But they can also be redundantly repetitive as well. For example, what about ISM Information Systems Management Corp. or SHL Systemhouse, Ltd.? It does seem a bit much! And then there’s RAM memory. Isn’t that saying ‘memory’ twice? (RAM stands for random access memory.) I’m all for using acronyms when they’re easy to understand. If they streamline a Read More
The ERP/BI Connection: Adding Value through Actionable Intelligence
Prompted by volatile markets and a troubled economy, the need to reduce costs is a top business driver impacting enterprise resource planning (ERP) strategies

sound driver k7s5a  Focus Research,bi,erp,business software,business intelligence,data warehousing,business objects,small business software,resource planning,erp software,enterprise resource planning software,erp system,enterprise resource planning,business management software,human resource planning Read More
Pricing for Profit in the Consumer Products Industry: Empowering Pricing Managers for Greater Bottom-Line Impact with Improved Market Price Intelligence
Rapidly changing market dynamics in the consumer products industries mean price management is critical to a positive bottom line. This white paper examines the

sound driver k7s5a  highly-responsive decisions based on sound data analysis. Read More
Navision Enhances Its e-Vision And Looks To Expand Vertically - Part 3: Challenges & User Recommendations
As the current market trend is towards vendors that can provide well-rounded but vertically focused solutions for medium-sized companies, Navision seems to have

sound driver k7s5a  supposed to provide a sound business plan and marketing strategy, a total industry solution as opposed to an add-on (a specific functionality that is highly desired by a specific industry segment rather than from many different segments), customers willing to be pilot sites, and to have a certified developer on staff and full access to all development tools. The word partnership does not seem to be used loosely in this case - Navision has been showing a congenial approach and true commitment to the Read More
In the News: Gartner Lawsuit
Gartner seems to be in the news a lot lately. First, they announced they will acquire AMR and now we find out that a vendor is suing them for not being included

sound driver k7s5a   Read More
The Unwired Enterprise: A Comprehensive Approach to Mobilizing for Success
The benefits of a mobile workplace are clear: faster business processes, closer connections with customers, and more rapid decisions. But there are few examples

sound driver k7s5a  risk, you need a sound, effective, and systematic approach that includes a clear mobile strategy, identified use scenarios, and a complete service offering and system landscape. Find out more. Read More

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