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Learning Management Suite (LMS)
Learning Management Suite (LMS)
These are tools for managing, creating, scheduling training or learning in your organization. The terminology varies from vendor to vendor. Learning management systems (LMS) typically help to ma...

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Now Just Where Did I Put My Search Engine?
Barraged with terms like

repositories fedora  metadata, synonym dictionaries, and repositories helped alleviate this pain by centralizing all metadata and providing a more natural language vocabulary. However, there are still downsides to this approach. These dictionaries generally need to be manually constructed and cross-referenced with their respective source databases. With thousands of business elements, this can be a huge task to inaugurate, let alone maintain. And, more importantly, much of the key search problem still remains, namely, how to

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Discrete Enterprise Resource Planning (Discrete ERP) RFI / RFP Template

Financials, Human Resources, Manufacturing Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Quality Management, Sales Management, Product Technology Get this template

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Learning Management Suite (LMS)
Learning Management Suite (LMS)
These are tools for managing, creating, scheduling training or learning in your organization. The terminology varies from vendor to vendor. Learning management systems (LMS) typically help to ma...

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Learning Management Suite (LMS)

These are tools for managing, creating, scheduling training or learning in your organization. The terminology varies from vendor to vendor. Learning management systems (LMS) typically help to manage both classroom and on-line learning. They do not normally include content creation or management tools but may in some cases. Some LMSs may manage just classroom or just e-learning rather than both. Some LMSs may also include content authoring and managment and virtual classrooms. Learning content management systems (LCMS) emphasize the management of content for courses/training/learning. In most cases, they include content authoring tools. In some cases, they may also include some of the features of LMSs. Content authoring tools are often provided as part of an LCMS. They may also be stand-alone products. Virtual classrooms (web conferencing tools) normally are separate third party offerings but may be included as part of a suite of tools. Suites of tools include features of at least two or more of the above categories. While some companies offer just LMS or LCMS systems others offer suites of products, which provide all or most of the features of the other tools. Suites combine several capabilities of learning management--usually two or more of the following: learning management, classroom training management, e-learning management, custom content creation, learning content management, learning object repositories, or virtual classrooms.

repositories fedora  content management, learning object repositories, or virtual classrooms. Read More

How One Sourcing Vendor's Offerings Are Bolstered by a Wealth of Services

Eqos is especially proud of its complementary services portfolio, which stems from a decade's worth of direct experience in providing some of the world's leading retailers with sourcing and supplier management solutions.

repositories fedora  conjunction with existing data repositories. The Eqos KPI Management module collects and analyzes key performance data across the global supplier base and delivers this data to targeted decision makers via dashboards. Eqos is working with the world's leading retailers to incorporate best practices and industry-standard data into its evolving KPI Management module. Most retailers are consistently striving to improve the performance of each and every one of their suppliers. Leaders are effectively building Read More

Analyse This

Enterprise applications have long been providing the means for businesses to collect required data and deliver it to the right people. Now that sales and marketing professionals are empowered with the right tools to better serve their customers and gather insights on all customers' interactions, the question to ask is what's next? We see the answer in a tight integration between Enterprise applications and Analytics.

repositories fedora  architecture, metadata modeling and repositories, graphical user interfaces, and much more. Executive information systems (EIS): provide high-level views of an organization by aggregating data from various sources from within the organization and also external sources. Ad hoc enquiries provide performance data and trend analysis for top-level management. Ease of use is an important feature so that enquiries can be made without a detailed knowledge of the underlying data structures. Graphical interfaces Read More

Why Should Enterprises Manage their Contracts Closely?

For companies handling many contracts, ensuring trading partners adhere to contract details is often too cumbersome to be executed without enabling technology. Contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions enable companies to take control of their contracts in order to understand the requirements of trading partners and their ability to meet the contract parameters, and to reduce the organization’s risk to exposure.

repositories fedora  solutions to access those repositories to help managers gain a holistic understanding of the trade agreements under which the enterprise operates. The lack of visibility and control will often translate into an enterprise failing to extract full value from a contract and its relationship with suppliers, distributors, and customers. At best, users of the solution appear to be increasingly able to track contract expiration dates, which is only a minor part of the total contract management requirements and Read More

Security Begins on Your Desktop

The documents, spreadsheets, databases and other files on the personal computers used to conduct business are corporate assets. It cost money to create them and that investment should be protected. Additionally, companies have both competitive and legal obligations to assure that such data is kept private and secure. Many companies and most people are unaware of the obligation and potential threats.

repositories fedora  it is in the repositories that are managed directly by the information technology departments. Studies have shown that less than 20% of the data used to run a company resides in its mainframe systems. Older studies showed that more than 50% resided in unstructured formats in file cabinets and the remainder was stored in personal files. Today, the personal computer has assumed the role of personal and even work group file cabinet. However, it has not assumed its privacy, security, and asset management Read More

Contemporary Business Intelligence and Its Main Components

Business intelligence (BI) represents the tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic planning process by allowing a company to manipulate corporate data for decision-making. But what exactly are the primary components of BI?

repositories fedora  it is, leveraging metadata repositories across multiple foundation enterprise systems, and visibly pulls information into new applications. As a result, customers may be content to trade in expensive DWs for a data extraction and presentation layer that sits on top of existing transactional systems—but only on the condition that they receive unimpaired performance. Analytics Online analytical processing (OLAP) is a category of software tools that provides analysis of data stored in a database. This Read More

PC Encryption: Eyes Wide Open

While the virtues of encrypting PC data are extolled by vendors and the press alike, some painful truths go largely unmentioned. Whether necessary for compliance or state breach disclosure law, or for doing business in a state requiring it, encryption is necessary but difficult. Learn where existing encryption solutions are failing, and find out how emerging tools and trends can make encryption better, and easier.

repositories fedora  Encryption: Eyes Wide Open Beachhead Solutions gives an organization the flexibility to: Enforce encryption of all sensitive PC data Remotely deny and restore access to PC data Automate offsite PC data backup Manage data lifecycle of sensitive data Source : Beachhead Solutions Resources Related to PC Encryption; Eyes Wide Open : Full disk encryption (Wikipedia) PC Encryption; Eyes Wide Open Full Disk Encryption is also known as : Based Full Disk Encryption , Best Full Disk Encryption , Checkpoint Read More

Microsoft Paints CRM Landscape On Lately A ‘Still Nature’ Business Applications Scenery

While most of its applications co-opetitors have been licking their wounds and bracing for a long summer drought, fat cash cushioned Microsoft has been putting together the pieces of its CRM (and likely the overall enterprise applications) strategy mosaic

repositories fedora  have always been great repositories for transactional data but have traditionally rarely provided useful actionable information to end users on an exception or any other as needed' basis. While larger enterprises have been solving the conundrum by building extensive data marts and data warehouses and by deploying analytical tools atop of these to provide the advantages of BI to their users, their smaller counterparts have been working around itwith more or less useful report writers, and that is going to Read More

Advancing the Art of Pricing with Science

Companies in search of a better, more precise method to determine the best prices for their products and to meet their margins, should harness statistical science to analyze transactions, and associated optimization algorithms to maximize revenues and profits.

repositories fedora  have tapped into large repositories of point-of-sale (POS) data to refine their pricing models (see Point of Sale: To Stand Alone or Not? ). For more information on the scope of retail management systems, see Retail Systems: A Primer and Retail Market Dynamics for Software Vendors . As detailed in The Case for Pricing Management , pricing is a complex process in general. This is particularly true in retail, where a thorough understanding of the numerous interdependent variables that drive demand, such as Read More

The Modelling Approach to Post-implementation Agility in Enterprise Systems

Change happens, and it will always happen in virtually every business environment. The underlying enterprise system should thus be an aid to changing the business, rather than an obstacle, as is the usual case today.

repositories fedora  managing disparate software metadata repositories (meaning frequent data rationalization and replication), disparate software abstraction incompatibility, and appropriate levels of security. Directing and supplying information on the interaction of services can be complicated, since the architecture relies on complex multiple messaging that opens the door to messy code and broken communication, on top of potential non-compliance with government regulations. The flexibility of SOA poses security threats, Read More

Mainstream Enterprise Vendors Begin to Grasp Content Management Part One: PCM System Attributes

Enterprises are becoming painfully aware of the need to clean up their structured data and unstructured content acts to capitalize on more important efforts like regulatory compliance, globalization, demand aggregation, and supply chain streamlining.

repositories fedora  management (PDM), enterprise data repositories (EDR), document management (DM), knowledge management (KM), web content management (WCM), digital asset management (DAM), enterprise information management (EIM), digital rights management (DRM), document imaging, workflow management (WM) or business process management (BPM), and many more. Generally speaking, PCM (sometimes also called PIM) refers to a system for managing all types of information about finished products, and it is a further evolutionary Read More

As Hype Becomes Reality, a Radio Frequency Identification Ecosystem Emerges

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the latest technology to gain major recognition as being a sizeable market for the future. The RFID ecosystem includes a diverse grouping of solution providers, but the opportunity for market leadership remains wide open.

repositories fedora  to enterprise applications Data repositories , which store the potentially voluminous data and events collected for current or future use by various applications. Enterprise applications , such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM), which process these inputs and transform data into knowledge and actions RFID technology is not necessarily new, nor is the constituency of the ecosystem new, but its role and activity in RFID is a relatively new phenomenon. Three or four Read More

Progress Software Revs Up to Higher RPM via Savvion - Part 2

Part 1 of this series began to analyze the recent merger of Progress Software Corp. [NASDAQ: PRGS] and Savvion Inc. With this acquisition, Progress has made a large leap into the business process management (BPM) space, from which has been notably absent. The article asserted that Savvion BusinessManager 7.5 [evaluate this product] is one of the most mature BPM suites in the

repositories fedora  versions  from the document repositories. These documents could be either text-based or images that need to be processed correctly. Some of the key features needed in this kind of processes are integration with  imaging systems ,  document management systems (DMS) , viewing of documents in process task forms, etc. Many companies have already adopted a DMS and will want to continue to use their enterprise DMS, but some may want to have DMS as a part of their BPM system. To that end, Savvion both Read More

While Oracle and PeopleSoft Are to Fuse, Competitors Ruse--Leaving Customers (Somewhat) Bemused

The recent merger of Oracle and PeopleSoft requires, among many other things, finding a perfect balance between cultivating the install base versus the zeal for snagging brand new customers.

repositories fedora  PeopleSoft launched hosted services repositories in 2004, which provided customers with a single source of documentation for all Web service-enabled integration points. In 2005, local repositories will reportedly allow customers to connect application services with Oracle BPEL Process Manager to orchestrate business processes across multiple product lines. Though informative, these announcements left some gaps, given that Retek, also acquired by Oracle came too late to the fold to be included in the Read More