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Agile Information Systems: Conceptualization, Construction, and Management
Agile Information Systems: Conceptualization, Construction, and Management
The book "Agile Information Systems" unveils how modern companies can create and deploy agile information systems. Academic experts, researchers, and practitioners discuss the concept of agile information systems, the importance of the context of agility, and organizational management issues in the context of agile information systems.

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A Drop-ship Enablement Pioneer Leads the Way
By providing a single plug-and-play connection to multiple trading partners, CommerceHub strives to enable basically any retailer to electronically integrate with its suppliers, regardless of the idiosyncratic systems and capabilities that might exist among them.

PIONEER PDP 424MV: A Drop-ship Enablement Pioneer Leads the Way A Drop-ship Enablement Pioneer Leads the Way P.J. Jakovljevic - August 28, 2006 Read Comments Meet a Drop-Ship Enablement Pioneer CommerceHub ( http://www.servigistics.com ) is an Albany, New York (US)-based provider of hosted supplier integration and order management services for multichannel retailers. These retailers include QVC , Target , Sears , Staples , ShopNBC , Costco , and Federated , all of which have since reportedly reduced costs of owning,

UL EduNeering

PIONEER PDP 424MV: UL EduNeering develops cloud computing learning solutions that assure regulatory compliance, minimize risk and improve business performance. Our client list ranges in size from Fortune 500 companies to emerging companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, energy/manufacturing, and retail/service industries. Our enterprise-wide learning solutions are used to distribute and track compliance learning to employees and also subcontractors, supply chain partners, customers, and end users, including physicians and patients. What’s more, our Learning Services team has created more than 700 standard computer-based courses and also has developed 5,000+ custom courses for clients focusing on specific policies, product usage and other operational-related topics that often serve as key company advantages. A pioneer in computer-based training, UL EduNeering was established in 1981. Learn more about our history, and the growth of our community that comprises nearly one million learners, representing over 400 clients, in more than 50 countrie

Logo Business Solutions

PIONEER PDP 424MV: Founded in 1984 as a small software house, Logo Yazilim is now the largest ISV in Turkey and has grown into a group of companies encompassing various fields of the IT sector. As a pioneer in developing and implementing software technologies, Logo has received many industry awards and prizes, including an “Innovative Open Architecture Solution Award” from IBM, in 2005. Logo is a public company and listed in the Istanbul Stock Exchange. Targeting mainly small and medium size businesses, Logo offers a multitude of Integrated Business Application packages to a diverse customer base operating in several different industries. The company’s products currently serve over 1.000.000 users in 150.000 companies and covers 23 countries, 7 languages. During the recent years, Logo has invested significantly in e-Business technologies and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) with the aim of carrying its customers to the 21st Century's collaborative business environment. Matching superior technology and product quality with friendly service, Logo is keenly dedicated to improve its customers' competitiveness.

A Response Management Pioneer Offers Its Solution
Kinaxis Inc. is answering the needs of global manufacturers by delivering an on-demand response management service. These services are designed to help manufacturers drive quick responses to ever-changing global supply chains and fulfillment networks.

PIONEER PDP 424MV: A Response Management Pioneer Offers Its Solution A Response Management Pioneer Offers Its Solution P.J. Jakovljevic - March 19, 2008 Read Comments Existing mainstream enterprise systems are not meeting the market need for dynamic supply network flexibility. Namely, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and advanced planning and scheduling (APS)- supply chain partnership (SCP) systems are not geared for high-value, operations-level business trade-offs that require educated human intervention. Spreadsheets

Fault Meets Performance --Comprehensive Infrastructure ManagementPart 2: The Solution
Seamless integration of real-time problem detection and historical trend analysis helps companies keep their IT infrastructures delivering peak performance.

PIONEER PDP 424MV: making him a true pioneer in technology. Engel has also been nominated for Computerworld s Top IT Leaders of the new economy. As executive vice president and CTO for Concord Communications, Fred invented the network reporting and analysis industry by developing eHealth for Concord Communications. Fred works with leading Fortune 1000 organizations, carriers and Internet service providers to deploy turnkey networking performance and analysis solutions. Before joining Concord in 1989, Fred was vice

Software as a Service beyond Customer Relationship Management and Sales
Applications are more often outsourced than infrastructure, and this is increasingly done through software as a service (SaaS). Vendors such as WebEx, Webcom, MCA Solutions, and Ariba are delivering applications as SaaS.

PIONEER PDP 424MV: of this on-line conferencing pioneer many times, but would not identify it as an SaaS leader. However, it should be straightforward to see how the multiple aspects of Web conferencing lend themselves well to the SaaS model. It moves well beyond shared presentations, workspace, and applications, and is supplemented by instant messaging (IM) and integrated with video and audio conferencing, often using voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology to bring the whole experience to the personal computer

NetSuite and eWinery Clink Their Glasses » The TEC Blog
Valley POS , a pioneer in point-of-sale (POS) software targeted to the wine industry. More than 75 percent of all wine produced and sold in the US is produced by companies who use eWinery Solutions–Napa Valley POS software for their DTC needs. VinSuite, to be built using NetSuite’s  SuiteCloud development platform, will combine NetSuite’s enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and e-commerce with eWinery’s indisputable vertical domain knowledge in the wine

PIONEER PDP 424MV: Cloud Computing, CRM, dtc, ERP, ewinery, industry watch, NetSuite, netsuite oneworld, pos, SaaS, suitecloud, SuiteCommerce, vinsuite, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

J.D. Edwards On The Mend; This Time Might Be For Real
Although not quite yet out of the woods, by having product flexibility 'in the bag', and by providing now much more of its own 'must have' collaborative applications (e.g. SCM and CRM), J.D. Edwards might again start looking forward to the future.

PIONEER PDP 424MV: J.D. Edwards On The Mend; This Time Might Be For Real J.D. Edwards On The Mend; This Time Might Be For Real P.J. Jakovljevic - January 11, 2002 Read Comments Event Summary The following recent announcements by, J.D. Edwards & Company (NASDAQ: JDEC), indicate that J.D. Edwards has been putting it s house in order, expanding its offerings, and executing an aggressive sales strategy, and improving its cash situation at a critical time. The announcements include: Advanced Planning 4.0 Financial results for

RedPrairie: Enabling End-to-End Supply Chains (from Manufacturer to Retail Shelf)
RedPrairie provides best-of-breed supply chain execution, workforce, and all-channel retail solutions designed to streamline and expedite the flow of goods from raw materials into the hands of the consumer. In this article, TEC senior analyst P.J. Jakovljevic describes how the company has positioned itself through its acquisitions, outlook, and integration initiatives to be able to fulfill its “Buy Anywhere—Fulfill Anywhere” philosophy.

PIONEER PDP 424MV: | A Response Management Pioneer Offers Its Solution | A Possible Remedy for Non-responsive Supply Chains | Multi-enterprise Responsiveness—Can It Ever Be Achieved? | What Are Manufacturing Execution Systems? | How to Solve Your Warehouse Woes | Best Practices for Transporters and 3PL Service Providers | So What’s the Big Deal with Chemicals? | Data Governance: Controlling Your Organization’s Mission-critical Information | The Sweet Spot of One Merging ERP Vendor | How One Sourcing Vendor s
12/29/2011 10:43:00 AM

Teloquent To e.t.: Now You Can Call Or Use The Web
Teloquent introduced a new release of its software to integrate phone and web-based customer service.

PIONEER PDP 424MV: | A Drop-ship Enablement Pioneer Leads the Way | The Challenge of Fulfillment | Retailing Trends—Shopping Anyway and Everywhere | A Unique Product Lifecycle Management Tool for Private Label Retail | Challenging the Competition: Mega-mergers and Supply Chain Technology | Retailers Join Forces for a Make or Break Attempt in Their Competitive Landscape | Consumers Shop Everywhere: Understanding Multichannel Sales | JDA Portfolio: For the Retail Industry Part Six: ERP Vendors and User Recommendations |

Hold Onto Your WAPs, Here Come the Apps!
Due to the seemingly certain global standardization on the Wireless Access Protocol (WAP), Short Message Service (SMS) and the addition of Wireless Markup Language (WML) software vendors are quickly porting applications to service wireless access users.

PIONEER PDP 424MV: company and CyberBills, the pioneer in total bill management, announced a partnership to offer consumers convenient, cost-effective, and secure wireless bill payment services. Together, Visa and CyberBills will jointly market applications for mobile phones and hand-held devices to enable anytime, anywhere bill payment transactions via the Internet. Market Impact Joining the onslaught of wireless enabled applications is Visa U.S.A and CyberBills. Initially wireless applications had a far narrower scope.

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