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How to Defend Against New Botnet Attacks
In 2008, botnets were responsible for 90 percent of spam. The ever-changing nature of botnets makes them hard to detect and even harder to defend against@and

ping icmp  | Smurf Attack | Ping Flood | Ping of Death | Teardrop Attacks | Nuke | Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » ping icmp

Is Something Fishy Happening To Your Website?
Freshwater Software offers powerful solutions for website monitoring. There’s a product or service for every budget and every type of site, and the customer

ping icmp  devices, and also can ping any server. Server monitors measure the performance of an individual server, including CPU utilization, disk space, network performance, virtual memory, LDAP, individual files and scripts, and a number of other critical indicators SiteScope is administered over a browser. It runs on NT or Solaris systems, and can monitor servers running Linux, HP-UX, AIX, FreeBSD, SGI, and Digital Unix, as well as NT and Solaris. The product requires no software installation on the servers Read More
The Return on Investment of IP Telephony Management
Managing a newly deployed voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) integration project is not as easy as some IT managers believe it to be. Delivering voice traffic

ping icmp  Return on Investment of IP Telephony Management The Return on Investment of IP Telephony Management If you receive errors when attempting to view this white paper, please install the latest version of Adobe Reader. There are many horror stories around VoIP and IP telephony deployment . There are also many successes. PROGNOSIS management and monitoring tools make the difference.Successful VoIP deployment relies on careful planning, thoughtful infrastructure preparation, and a management platform Read More
Bullet-proofing Instant Messaging
As more corporations adopt instant messaging (IM), chief information officers (CIOs) and IT managers are learning that it can be a serious source of liability

ping icmp  for example, will often ping other local IP systems looking for vulnerable targets. The Code Red virus required 14 hours to ping all possible IP addresses on a network, whereas the Slammer worm did the same thing in only 20 minutes3. Using buddy or friend lists, IM attacks can propagate onto the Internet in mere seconds4. Some experts estimate the average cost of malware infections in Enterprises at $2 million and up for cleanup, repair and recovery5. Significant financial losses and exposures are never Read More
The Whys and Hows of a Security Vulnerability Assessment
TEC outlines the reasons for having a Security Vulnerability Assessment done, how a security vulnerability assessment is performed, what can be gained by

ping icmp  network and system infrastructure helping you mitigate the risk of future system and network compromises. In summary, a Security Vulnerability Assessment helps you manage customer expectations and comply with SEC requirements. It also prevents litigations, protects your revenue stream, protects your customer's revenue stream, prevents denial of service attacks, reduces site outages and performances problems, creates secure information access, mitigates risk during acquisitions or mergers, fulfills Read More
Firewall Cowboyz Set the Stage to Free Innocent Convict
Cowboyz.com builds and sells affordable firewall appliances to small to medium sized businesses. When not deploying firewalls, this small-time firewall vendor

ping icmp  vendor is responsible for helping to assist the freeing of an innocent man who spent 10 years too long incarcerated in Texas. Roy Criner, has been serving a 99 year sentence for a rape and murder of a 16 year old girl that he never committed. Based on circumstantial evidence of three witnesses, Criner was sentenced in 1990. In 1997 DNA evidence was presented that exonerated Criner. Figure 1. Cowboyz.com specializes in Firewall Services After years of public outrage, this new turn of events got the Read More
The 2008 Handbook of Application Delivery: A Guide to Decision Making
IT organizations can no longer manage networks in isolation from the applications they support, requiring a shift from focusing on devices to a focus on

ping icmp  Issues associated with port hopping applications Unfortunately, this is a lengthy handbook. It does not, however, require linear, cover-to-cover reading. A reader may start reading this handbook in the middle and use the references embedded in the text as forward and backwards pointers to related information. Several techniques were employed to keep the handbook a reasonable length. For example, the handbook allocates more space discussing a new topics (such as the impact of Web 2.0) than it does on Read More
Plugging In the Universal Adapter
Implementing enterprise software solutions raises numerous obstacles, which can all be attributed to a single cause: users are unable to properly use the

ping icmp  suppliers receive a similar ping when a Dell customer configures a personal computer online. That sort of technical collaboration requires software training and support that extends beyond Dell and Wal-Mart’s four walls. Many more companies are in the process of training customers, prospects, suppliers and distributors how to use their transactional portals. A recent Industry Week study finds that 99 percent of manufacturers collaborate with customers through Web sites and IT systems. The same study Read More
How Can IT Help Competitiveness These Bleak Days? - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series introduced the SAP-sponsored expert panel discussion that explored reasons to maintain IT investments even during difficult economic

ping icmp  almost about everyone started jumping on the talent (and human capital) management-related business advantage bandwagon  a few years ago. We have been hearing for some time how chief information officers (CIOs) and IT managers cannot easily find the skilled workers they need to make modern systems work efficiently and effectively. While this applies especially to legacy skills, the emerging cloud computing , service oriented architecture (SOA ), composed applications, mashups , and whatnot era demand a Read More
TEC Talks to the Open For Business ProjectFree and Open Source Software Business ModelsPart One: OFBiz
In conversation with the Open For Business (OFBiz) project leader, David Jones, TEC discovers some of the challenges in raising an open source enterprise

ping icmp  that we provide are helping people to get going with OFBiz. If there is a specific project we'll often get involved with analysis, design, some custom implementation . We prefer to work with the actual end user, who may not have a technical team in house, then we'll partner with someone that can offer that technical team to them. A service provider on an on-going basis . That partner will then generally participate in some of the development and handle all of the deployment and then when necessary we Read More
To SaaS or Not, Is That a Question? - SaaSy Discussions (Part IIb)
The first part (Part II) of this blog series described the opportunities for software as a service (SaaS) or on-demand applications, especially in the current

ping icmp   Read More
These Are the Days of Healthy Growth for an Open-source ERP Provider

ping icmp  to hear about the whopping annual growth of a manufacturing-oriented  enterprise resource planning (ERP)  software vendor. Sure, one can discount the magnitude of this upbeat news—this particular vendor is still budding, if you compare it to SAP, Oracle , or Infor —but I welcome this it(and so should any ERP vendor). More impressively, the vendor in case, xTuple , has also been tirelessly delivering new features for customers, and all the tinkering in the lab isn’t keeping it from ringing the Read More
A Semi-open Source Vendor Discusses Market Trends
A response to trends in the open source software market comes this time from relative newcomer provider xTuple. This vendor’s footprint isn’t entirely in the

ping icmp  to-do lists, opportunities, etc. Shipping and receiving —integrated with UPS , FedEx , and other leading shippers, and fully bar code–enabled General ledger (G/L) —enabling detailed G/L and journals, bank reconciliation, budgeting, customizable report engine, etc. Many system-wide utilities —fine-grained user privileges and security, batch manager, events engine, hotkeys, calendars, EDI, international locales and complex tax structures, multicurrency, project management, etc. Community-led Read More
Consona’s CEO Clearing the Air (about Compiere) - Part 1
In early June Consona Corporation’s analyst relationship (AR) contact forewarned me about the company’s upcoming acquisition of a “leading open-source and

ping icmp   Read More

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