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Ways to Migrate Windows Applications to UNIX/Linux
Migration can be risky and expensive if handled by inexperienced developers. Seemingly small things can lead to bigger issues and cause performance problems

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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Choosing HBAs for Linux Environments
IT managers know that choosing the Linux host bus adapter (HBA) for their data center infrastructures can impact the reliability of their systems. That is why

packman linux  data center infrastructures can impact the reliability of their systems. That is why Linux-based servers are being deployed in many enterprises. You can use the reliability of QLogic storage area networks (SANs) to drive more value from your SAN investments—giving your IT managers increased reliability and scalability in a hardware portfolio. Read More
The Whitelisting of America: Security for IT
Once upon a time around 1995, the well-known American agency, the National Security Agency (NSA), decided that there was no computer operating system that was

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Linux Laptops from Dell
Dell now has begun selling two models of its laptops with Linux preinstalled.

packman linux  Dell representative said. Market Impact Although IBM was first to announce Linux compatibility for its laptops, Dell is the first major vendor to make one available with Linux factory-installed. Despite Dell's representative's claims, a comparably equipped Latitude CPx costs approximately $200 more for a Linux model than for a Windows 98 model ($3387 vs $3188). We expect/hope this is due to start-up, and not because Dell plans to jack up the cost because it has a captive audience . In a bigger sense, Read More
Windows 2000: Paragon for Partisans, Skewered by Skeptics
After a wait of more than a year, Windows 2000 (The OS Formerly Known as

packman linux  is rock solid. Market Impact Anytime Microsoft releases a new operating system, it affects the market in a big way. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the impact is probably not as great as it would have been, had it been released when originally promised (1998), or even last year. Since that time, Linux has gone from being an interesting nuisance for Redmond, to a big player in the Intel server OS market. This has led to various MS attacks, frontal and otherwise, on Linux. Sensing weakness, Sun and Novell Read More
Intel Throws its
Red Hat said that Intel plans to make Red Hat Linux software available on powerful server computers designed to run websites.

packman linux  instead of Intel's. Market Impact Although 90% of Linux installations are on Intel systems, Intel's decision gives more legitimacy to the efforts to increase Linux's market and mind share. This announcement will help increase Intel's presence in the ISP market, but we believe the greater impact will be on the Linux and OS markets. Combined with the recent support of Dell, Compaq, and Gateway, this will increase Linux market growth. Growth will be primarily at the expense of Sun, because of its current Read More
Choosing Between Linux and Microsoft Windows Using an Analytical Hierarchy Process
Because small to medium enterprises are limited in their resources, they must carefully consider which of the two major operating systems available—Microsoft

packman linux  such as Dell , Hewlett-Packard , Toshiba , and Acer , have Designed for Windows or similar stickers on their products. Aside from integration, professional Linux administrators are able to deploy a system and its applications very quickly—most in about one hour, and some of them in less than twenty minutes (see Enterprise Management Associates Inc.'s 2006 article Get the Truth on Linux Management at http://www.enterprisemanagement.com for more information). Patch management depends on patch Read More
AMD Hooks Up with Transmeta - For Now
Advanced Micro Devices, Intel’s main CPU competition, has teamed up with Transmeta – another Intel competitor – in an effort to speed development on its

packman linux  Intel Corporation . Market Impact This may help AMD reduce the gap between release of the Sledgehammer processor and release of compatible third-party software. AMD apparently believes that Transmeta's software can simulate the behavior of Sledgehammer more effectively than AMD's own simulation software. Typically, there can be a six-to-12-month development cycle for software designed to run on a new processor. AMD hopes it can reduce this lag - normally there is a time gap between the hardware and Read More
Caldera eDesktop Edges Out Microsoft Windows 2000 in Functionality - Part II
TechnologyEvaluation.com has completed its analysis of the innate functionality of three desktop operating systems – Microsoft Windows 2000, Red Hat Linux 6.2

packman linux  Linux code. Within the space, Red Hat is the leading provider of Linux distributions and service. Red Hat Linux 6.2 was released in April 2000. Caldera OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 Caldera Systems began life as Novell CEO Ray Noorda's marketing arm for a non-Microsoft version of DOS originally developed at Digital Research, DRDOS. Caldera has made significant inroads in the Linux market. OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 is high-performance desktop software optimized for the Internet. It also includes powerful Read More
Methods of Linux Bare-metal Restore and Disaster Recovery
When it comes to disaster recovery (DR) software, companies should think of it as an insurance policy—not just software that recovers lost data. Being prepared

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Migrating to Linux: Application Challenges and Solutions
Linux operating systems are taking the world by storm, and have seen double-digit growth rates for seven consecutive quarters. With its promise of higher

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Dell to Factory-Install Red Hat Linux on Servers
Red Hat, Inc., and Dell Computer Corporation today extended their strategic alliance, with Dell committing to factory-install Red Hat Linux on all future and

packman linux  and desktop PCs. Market Impact This is another big boost for Red Hat. Until this announcement, Dell would only factory-install Windows NT on its servers, other OSes would have to be done through the DellPlus organization. This move will increase market growth for both Red Hat and Dell. In the OS market in general, the increased shipment of the challenger (vis--vis Microsoft) OS should lead to diversification. However, within the Linux segment of the market, this will lead to consolidation - at least, Read More
Informix Holds Fire Sale on Linux Database
Informix announced its continued commitment and investment to the Linux community with the release of Foundation.2000 and Cloudscape 3.0 on Linux.

packman linux  barriers to entry. Market Impact Following on the heels of Oracle's announced price cuts, and with the rising popularity of the Linux operating system, Informix is cutting its prices for its databases by over 80 percent. This is obviously a loss leader designed to get them into the market. The offer is good from February 10 through October 10, 2000. What remains to be seen is whether Informix can be successful given its late entry into the Linux arena. Other vendors such as Imprise/Borland were much Read More
HP’s LT 6000r Six-CPU Server
HP has re-entered the enterprise computing race with the release of its LT 6000r, a six-CPU server with improved performance and excellent transactional price

packman linux  product being reviewed is Hewlett-Packard's new six-CPU Intel-based rackmount server, the NetServer LT 6000r. This product was released in March, 2000, its purpose to raise the bar on CPU density for larger rackable systems. This product is an enterprise-class machine, geared toward larger computing environments. (Hewlett-Packard also released their NetServer LH 6000 at the same time. The LH 6000 is also a six-CPU server, but is more focused on internal disk expansion than on packing a bunch of CPUs into Read More
Be Announces Software Licensing Agreement With Compaq
Compaq will pre-install BeOS on its Internet appliance equipment currently under development.

packman linux  and video standards. Market Impact Compaq's support gives Be a big boost toward the mindshare battleground presently occupied by Windows and Linux. Although BeOS is still considered primarily a small-system OS by many, its robustness is winning converts. We expect the BeOS market to grow at a slower pace than Linux has due to a combination of Linux's greater application breadth and marketing buzz. The benefits to Compaq are less tangible. Providing another OS option means Compaq has the potential to Read More
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