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Maximizing Potential Benefits in Reverse Auctions
Reverse auction (RA) has emerged as a strategic tool for consumer packaged goods companies pursuing cost efficiencies in their sourcing programs. This article

note taker  is also important to note that most companies are far from extracting the optimum potential benefit from the process. In some extreme cases, instead of improving the procurement process, deployment of RA has landed companies in serious supply and price risk. Recently, a large Asian fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company conducted a series of auctions to sell its raw materials. While the pre-auction RFQ went off well, vendors refused to submit bids in the actual event. This was because the initial bid Read More
Field Service Management (FSM)
Field service management (FSM) software is a set of functionalities for organizations or departments within organizations that have as main focus the intallation, maintanance, reparing, and meter r...
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Two Vendor Execs Discuss the Current B2B Pricing Market (and its Future)
Why are some companies still managing their prices with spreadsheets—and leaving their single most important profit lever to such inadequate if not harmful

note taker  data. On another positive note, we’re seeing more companies adding pricing practitioners, which is a significant breakthrough. We conducted a study last fall to evaluate the success of our B2B customers. Our results show that our publicly traded B2B customers outperformed the S&P 500 by a whopping 130 percent. We believe it’s just a matter of time before even more leading companies adopt pricing software as a strategic growth initiative. SF: There is a growing recognition that cost cutting can be Read More
Antidot v7 Product Note: Antidot Information Factory versus ETL (français)

note taker  v7 Product Note: Antidot Information Factory versus ETL (français) Read More
New Manufacturing Solution in the Cloud: Exact Macola On Demand
Editor's note, December 19, 2012: According to the vendor, the product discussed below did not become available.Exact Software has recently released a new

note taker  Macola On Demand Editor's note, December 19, 2012: According to the vendor, the product discussed below did not become available. Exact Software has recently released a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) offering in the cloud. Headquartered in the Netherlands and with offices in North America serving 100,000 customers worldwide, Exact offers two global ERP products (Globe and Synergy), as well as other local products (Macola, MAX and JobBOSS for the Americas, Exact Financials for the Netherlands, Read More
A Product Note: Attensity and the Voice of the Customer
Attensity has found a way to truly capture the voice of the customer with its new breed of customer experience management (CEM) solutions. TEC analyst Jorge

note taker  Product Note: Attensity and the Voice of the Customer About Attensity Attensity , an organization with more than 10 years of experience in the customer intelligence market, provides solutions for analysis of unstructured data and offers a new breed of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with offices throughout the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. As customer conversations can be used to enhance an organization’s products Read More
Workforce Analytics - A Blend of Business Intelligence and Human Resources
In a previous blog post, I described how artificial intelligence (AI) can help human resources (HR) in the recruiting process. It is interesting to note that

note taker  It is interesting to note that almost half of the people who took our poll would use AI—but not extensively. Besides being used for recruiting purposes, AI is used more and more in workforce management. By combining business intelligence (BI) with HR processes, business performance management (BPM) for HR is created. Vendors call it workforce analytics—and Infohrm , Aruspex , and Vemo are among the three that specialize and offer really interesting products and services in this combined area of BI Read More
Symix Maintains Consistent Profitability Despite Y2K Market Conditions
On October 21, Symix Systems, Inc. announced financial results for the first quarter ended September 30, 1999. Total revenue increased 19 percent to $32.1

note taker  emphasized in our research note on Symix Systems in September 1999 (See Symix Sytems: Shifting SME's Focus to Their Customers). The first reason is the Company's strong global position in the Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME) market within the discrete manufacturing segment of the ERP market, where the Tier 1 ERP vendors are currently achieving very modest penetration. Second, Symix Systems is reaping benefits from on-time release of its fully integrated supply chain software (CSRP), which still proves Read More
PLM and FOSS, What PLM Seekers Think?
Since Aras decided to stop asking for license fees for Aras Innovator [evaluate the product]by switching to the business model that the vendor calls enterprise

note taker  OS and database. Please note that a PLM seeker may choose multiple options for OS and database. On average, for the past five and a half years, each PLM seeker selected 1.6 options for OS and 1.8 for database. If you lay figure 1 on top of figure 2, you will find that 2008 was the year that PLM seekers had the most interest in FOSS, be it acquiring FOSS PLM or running PLM in the FOSS environment. Should FOSS PLM Run in FOSS Environment ? In his blog post PLM and Open Source Big Games , Oleg wrote that Read More
Microsoft Axapta: Design Factors Shape System Usage Part One: User Interface and Customization
If you are implementing or considering Microsoft Axapta as your ERP system, or providing Axapta-related services, this note provides an overall understanding of

note taker  Interface and Customization This note is a reprint of Chapter 12 of Managing Your Supply Chain using Microsoft Axapta by Dr. Scott Hamilton Introduction The starting point of this book* is that supply chain management (SCM) requires effective use of an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Its central theme focuses on using Microsoft Axapta for managing supply chain activities in manufacturing and distribution firms. Its target audience includes those individuals implementing or Read More
Mercator Continues to Suffer Turmoil - Can They Stay on the Map?
What’s new at EAI vendor Mercator Software? TEC updates a report from August 2000. Mercator Software has found themselves on a long and rocky road, where the

note taker  On a more positive note, the vendor has announced that for the quarter to date through November, the company has booked over $18 million in revenue. This is approximately a 50% increase over the same two-month period in 1999. In addition, Mercator announced that Amazon.com has selected them as a key technology for Supply Chain Integration, specifically in the area of managing event-driven transaction flows. Market Impact It is likely that other EAI and B2B vendors are looking closely at Mercator. Read More
Managing Customer Returns and RMAs Using Microsoft Dynamics AX
Returned material authorization (RMA) built on sales order functionality, such as that used by Microsoft Dynamics AX, can drastically simplify RMA processes.

note taker  arrival, receipt, and credit note for the returned item. Creation of an RMA automatically generates the associated returned order, which represents a mirror image of the RMA. Changes to the RMA information automatically changes information the returned order; you cannot directly maintain data on the returned order. Replacement Order . An RMA can have a second associated sales order (with a sales order type of sales order) when a replacement must be shipped to the customer. This replacement order can be Read More
Antidot v7 Product Note: Antidot Information Factory versus ETL

note taker  v7 Product Note: Antidot Information Factory versus ETL Read More
Where Is ERP Headed (Or Better, Where Should It Be Headed)? Part 3: E-Business and Mid-Market Shakeout
This note discusses how ERP-driven e-business will have to extend well beyond providing business partners self-service portlets. It will have to allow trading

note taker  of a four part note on ERP applications trends. This part covered two trends: the provision for e-Business components and the mid-market shakeout. Part 1 covered two trends: ERP functional scope expansion and sharper vertical focus. Part 2 covered the challenge ERP vendors face in developing an adaptable architecture that is flexible, agile, enabled for interoperability, as well Web-basing ERP systems. Part 4 covers the advent of application hosting services and new pricing models. Read More
Ross Systems Ends Year On a Sour Note and Braces Itself For Survivor’s Game
Ross Systems’ transition from ERP to e-commerce has been a harrowing experience during the last 18 months. On September 14, the company announced yet another

note taker  Year On a Sour Note and Braces Itself For Survivor’s Game Ross Systems Ends Year On a Sour Note and Braces Itself For Survivor's Game P.J. Jakovljevic - October 9, 2000 Event Summary Ross Systems, a provider of ERP and e-business solutions for mid-market process manufacturers, reported results for its fourth quarter ended June 30, 2000 and for fiscal year 2000. According to a press release from September 14 revenues in the quarter were $16.4 million, down 36% from $25.7 million in the same quarter of Read More
ICICI-Infotech's North American Strategy for Success Part One: Company Background and Market Focus
You may not yet have heard of ICICI-Infotech or its ERP offering, ORION. Well, for some time the rest of the world has. ICICI-Infotech is starting to make its

note taker  new customers. This research note explores this strategy to assist you in determining whether ICICI-Infotech and its enterprise resource planning (ERP) offering, ORION , makes sense for your company, deserving a closer inspection and careful consideration. After providing some background information on the company, the strategy is examined from the viewpoint of its market focus, customer focus, and innovative pricing. You'll see how pricing, both for software and professional services, is critical to Read More

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